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sarah_oweb1"MONEY - Bare Basic Facts.
Personal Financial Education

 Sarah is a Scot, who has travelled internationally all her life. After graduating in Design, she immediately trained in less nebulous skills that could be used to earn a living, including administration, a career which took her around the world in several organisations such as The British Council, The Council of Europe, NGOs and educational & cultural charities. She set-up managed and subsequently sold her own Museum Shops company in Hungary; worked with museums and architects as a designer and has been published in newspapers, magazines and books.

Having lived and worked in several parts of the world: South America, Africa - East & West, The Middle East, East and Central Europe, her interests are wide ranging. They include international relations, linguistics, politics, ancient & new buildings, the natural world, gardens and visual art - especially textiles - sparked from an accidental discovery of an Inca grave in Peru that was being bulldozed to flatten a space for a car park; dazzling bright coloured cloth was exposed. Sarah saved it from the bulldozer but found that it had disintegrated into dust by nightfall.

Sarah wrote this book after her godson Daniel asked:
"How come you get 'interest', but also have to pay it? How weird is that?  Anyway, what's interesting about 'interest'?"
She explained, then looked for a book that might help. In spite of a wide search for a suitable one, she could find nothing interesting. What little did exist was tedious, far too long, overcomplicated and had no pictures.
Not much point in an explanatory book without visual images - just no fun.
A bit like uncomfortable, dull shoes - little use and not enough joy - don't make you want to skip!

So, seeing the need for a refreshing approach, Sarah wrote and illustrated an answer for Daniel, to dispel mystery, then wrote some more, with pictures, then more... till there was a book.

Writing it
required careful research to find relevant information from the convoluted, complicated and somewhat secretive world of finance. Extracting pertinent points from a multifarious monetary environment and distilling them into a straightforward simple format was a complex task. Not all institutions and organisations were immediately willing to divulge information about a subject that is somewhat shrouded in unnecessary mystery.
Discernment, and a clear thought process are essential so as to make this kind of information easily accessible; not to mention a flare for writing, and, the determination and fortitude to talk plainly.
The resultant book is the most easily readable and simple reference source. It explains financial information straightforwardly, without jargon, and delightfully.


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